Harness data to unleash the power of your content

POST is a user-friendly tool that monitors stories and delivers practical tips to boost performance, so content organisations can embrace data culture

A raised hand holding a pen
A bridge connecting two sides
1. The Gap

Content and data

A bridge connecting two sides
A gulf can separate journalists and data teams. Stats could help your articles perform better – but are you using them to the full potential?
UI to set metrics
2. Speaking data

Data analyst?

UI to set metrics
You might find it hard to turn your findings into practical tips… With POST you can set metrics to monitor, and link each one to specific recommendations
Notification message
3. Recommending action

Editor or writer?

Notification message
It can be tough to take data into account when storytelling. POST sends you suggestions via chat messages in Slack, replacing raw numbers with practical tips

Change from within

Using your normal daily tools, POST bridges data and content teams – with two main benefits


There’s life post-publication. Ramp up the reach and engagement of your pieces via data monitoring and easy tips

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POST helps you work closer together across data and content teams, to create a data-informed environment

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Boost your performance

POST is designed to easily fit your own specific needs and targets


Cluster your articles and compare their performance within and across different story categories

Apples and oranges


Use preset metrics, or build custom KPIs to hit your company goals. Monitor only the data you need

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Set up smart alerts making sense of the right metrics. Custom messages mean the right people will take the right actions

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Seamless Integration

POST Slack and Google Analytics Logos

POST is not an extra tool to weigh you down. It fits into your existing workflow, joining up neatly with Google Analytics and Slack

What Our Partners Say

From my daily work running the audience team at Sueddeutsche.de I could really see innovations like this tool helping to change the mindset in the newsroom to win new audiences!
  • Antje Ebner
  • Head of Audience DevelopmentSüddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Digital News Initiative gives us the opportunity to research and prototype new tools, bringing journalism forward in times where we need it most.
  • Christian Hanke
  • PartnerEdenspiekermann
Edenspiekermann Logo
After using the prototype I have to say that this integration between Analytics and Slack is a very useful tool. I like the idea that a bot tells me when something noteworthy is happening with my article
  • Sebastian Horn
  • Deputy Editor-In-ChiefZEIT ONLINE
Zeit Online