People working together at a deskPeople working together at a desk

Life after publication

In a world filled with content, digital storytellers have to do more and more to attract and engage audiences. Engagement is essential for SEO, revenues, and, more importantly, for moving people

All kinds of data are available to help: but though analysts have the numbers they often can’t transform them into easy actions. Meanwhile, editors and writers find it hard to keep data in mind when telling stories

Digital storytellers could be doing more to get pieces discussed and engaged with. The data is there to boost performance post-publication – with the right tool

Content, meet data

POSt is an editorial analytics tool empowering digital content producers to make better decisions

The concept was born during a research project at Edenspiekermann Berlin. Analysis of the editorial process, and interviews with key people from the publishing industry, revealed a key problem point

“Post-publishing” was confirmed by many from Europe’s biggest media offices as the most overlooked, undervalued, and least understood part of the editorial process. That’s where POSt comes in

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Building a data culture

Writers and editors have trouble dealing with post-publishing because they lack understanding of how to turn data into action

POSt is a tool that helps analysts monitor the right metrics and transform them into easy prompts for content teams

Making data an easy part of everyday life will help writers and journalists consider more naturally the opportunities that post-publishing and the efficient use of data can provide

That in turn will help content producers reach more relevant people, and deepen their engagement

Designers working and sketching ideas using phones and paper
Designers working and sketching ideas using phones and paper

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POSt is a product developed by Edenspiekermann Berlin with funds from Google DNI (Digital News Initiative).

It’s the result of a research project applying design thinking methodologies to editorial and content strategy.


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